Thursday, 14 July 2016

Flexible Seating in a Flexible Classroom Song

Flexible seating in a student centered classroom gives children a voice in their learning. It offers them choice and ownership over their work. Spaces are designed to be manipulated and changed to suit a task or the needs of the learner at that point in time. Children are able to collaborate, explore concepts and problem solve. They are free to ask and answer their own questions. If they need time to work on their own or reflect on their learning then they are able to go to or create an environment that supports that need too. The flexible learning environment supports different learning styles and different learning needs. It's all about empowering children and getting them engaged in their learning so that they can learn on a deeper level. 

Here is my new tune The Flexible Seating Song. It is a fun catchy song that explains the concept of flexible seating in a flexible classroom. Some ways that it might be used on an educational level are:
1) Introduce and explain the concept of flexible seating to your students. 
2) Use it as an introduction to parents and colleagues about why you are using flexible seating in your classroom and school.
3) Use it as a way of transitioning your students from your explicit teaching of a concept or idea to students finding a place in the classroom to begin their work. ( Play the song while the children are moving from the lesson on the floor to finding a spot in the room to work.)

If you need more information about the benefits of flexible seating or the research behind it here is a link to a Edutopia article by Kayla Delzer. 

You can also check out this YouTube video by Edutopia to see how Albemarle Country Public Schools have incorporated flexible seating into their schools.
Flexible Classrooms: Providing the Learning Environment That Kids Need

Here is a link to a fantastic blog post about how 2nd grade teacher/blogger Angie Olson uses flexible seating in her classroom. She answers lots of questions about flexible seating. It's a great read!

Here's a great YouTube clip about how Teacher/Video Blogger the always informative and entertaining Adam Peterson uses flexible seating in his classroom.
Greg Smedley Warren in his blog The Kindergarten Smorasboard does an excellent job explaining why he decided to implement flexible seating in his classroom.

Below is a wonderful YouTube video of Greg discussing with Kayla Delzer (Edutopia: Flexible Seating and Student Centered Classroom article author) about how flexible seating works in their classrooms.

Have you got any great ideas or tips about flexible seating?  How does it look in your classroom?  I'd love to hear what you think. Remember we are all on this contemporary learning journey together. 

The super fun clip art I used for the song's video is by Jen Hart Design. Go to her Teachers Pay Teachers store if you would like to buy a copy of the clip art to use for your own flexible seating project.

Do you like the song and want to use it for your classroom but YouTube is blocked at your school? No worries you can buy a copy from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store The Flexible Seating Song at Teachers Pay Teachers. Just click on the link! 

I also used Jen's clip art for the song Getting In Shape With the 2D Shapes. Her clip art is fun and friendly! It's really great to use on teacher related items. 

Getting In Shape With the 2D Shapes
Getting in shape clip art by Jen Hart Design TPT store
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